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Platform: iOS, Android • Technology: Swift, Java, Amazon S3 Backend • Results: Laughter and merriment for over 5,000 people

Hudson Valley Apps took our Mp3 Experiment project to the next level. We spent years working with other companies on app solutions for the event, but these guys nailed it right away. Watching our crowd of thousands of people in perfect sync was a site to behold.
— Charlie Todd: Founder, Improv Everywhere

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The Mp3 Experiment is a participatory audio experience wherein a crowd of people perform a hilarious routine to synchronized audio. Our app was used in the most recent Mp3 Experiments thirteen and fourteen.  

 Words don’t do it justice - have a look for yourself:


Build a rock solid, scalable audio app platform

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The Mp3 experiment launched in 2004, three years before the first iPhone.  Times were simpler then. Participants would load an Mp3 file onto a dedicated player such as an iPod, and would start the audio on a countdown. Audio players didn’t have apps, push notifications, cameras, or phone calls to interrupt them. So things would stay in sync as long as each participant didn’t stop their audio during the event.

Now, most of us carry an Mp3 player - our phone - that can interrupt that audio. We might get a phone call, want to take a photo, or take our Airpods out of our ear for a second. Any of the built-in audio players will pause the audio during this time, but the Mp3 experiment needs fully synced audio. The only way to do this was with a custom app.

The app we built is pretty simple, but it had to be rock solid. There was no way to beta test the experience of thousands of participants simultaneously launching the app.  

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In the end, the video speaks for itself.  Our app performed flawlessly and created a fantastic experience for thousands of participants.


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All images and video are copyrighted by Improv Everywhere and used with permission.


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