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Platform: Web, Mobile web • Technology: Ruby on Rails, Stripe, HTML5 live streaming • Results: 178K users, $2M in revenue

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Before starting Hudson Valley Apps, we built a live streaming platform called Concert Window, starting with a simple idea and building it into a company with 178,000 users and over $2 million in revenue. During that time, we ran the entire product and development process as well as the business around it. This experience has now come to bear on every project we do with Hudson Valley Apps.


Product/business strategy + UI  design + Product management

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Concert Window began with a simple idea: what if musicians could broadcast live shows on the Internet, and fans could tune in from anywhere? In addition to being a fun experience, this could serve as a new revenue stream for musicians by connecting them directly to their most ardent supporters.

We began by signing deals with venues, outfitting them with hardware camera kits, and broadcasting shows on a minimum-viable-product (MVP) site. We built the initial site as simply as possible using a Wordpress framework with Ustream and PayPal integration. We sold enough tickets and subscriptions to verify that there was real traction for this idea.

Based on this initial experience, we realized that we could scale quickly by offering this service directly to musicians. To go after this concept, we raised a seed round of around $200K and built out version 2 of Concert Window as a Ruby on Rails platform -- which would eventually scale to well over a hundred thousand users. Through rapid iterations and product sprints, we learned from artist and fan feedback and built an extensive suite of product features including real-time streaming, free previews, pay-what-you-want tickets, tips, live chat, and next-day payouts. 

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Live Show Interface

To date, Concert Window has generated over $2 million for musicians via its live online shows. Some of the top shows have grossed over $10,000. 

“My Concert Window shows are the most exciting for me to put together each month. They
are more personal, there is more improv, and there are more hijinks than any other times that
I'm on stage. Having special guests helps to bring in a new energy each month. It's a great
opportunity for me to play to my fans who don't get to see me often or who don't get to see me
at all due to their schedules and locations.”
– Ellis Paul, Concert Window artist

We carry the lessons from Concert Window – including efficient product management, user feedback-based iteration, and forward-looking business strategy – into every project we do at Hudson Valley Apps.

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